Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is Jeezy still relevant?

One of the most prolific rappers in the game, Young Jeezy is the king of trap music.  While other rappers tried (and failed) to follow the formula that made this former member of Boyz N Da Hood a hot commodity, Jeezy has carved his own lane that I am convinced suits him and him only.  He has given his fans three great albums in TM101

, The Inspiration TM102

 and his very popular album The Recession.

Although his work with USDA has been very forgettable, his work on his solo albums and his mixtapes as well have built Jeezy a very steady fan base and a comfortable spot in hip hop.  Jeezy not only put trap music on the map, capitalizing on its raw street undertone and commercializing it, but he put a voice on the average man trying to make it out the south by any means.  Jeezy is an idol in the south, and whether you think he can rap or not, he always has stayed true to what made fans gravitate to his music.  Jeezy not only makes trap music, he makes inspirational music.

Here it is, 2011.  Three years since Jeezy's last album The Recession which was his most successful album to date (a lot of  that had to do with our president being black) and Jeezy's career is on a different road.  During these three years, Jeezy released many MANY forgettable mixtapes, hit and miss singles for his upcoming album TM103: Hustler's Ambition, and Def Jam has yet to give out a release date.  To top it all off, Jeezy can't seem to escape the comparisons to Rick Ross, who is killing mainstream hip hop right now, currently on one of the hottest streaks in the game in previous years.  I'm not going to get too much into the label problems, because we all know there are things that the artist just can't win with when it comes to label disputes, but how do you feel Jeezy is handling this situation?  This may surprise you, but I think he's handling it the best he can.

Yes, he has released some forgettable material in mixtape wrapping paper, but I can understand why.  Jeezy has said that his next album will be his best yet as he is more focused now than he has ever been, and I can understand why he doesn't want to make any changes on his album by releasing album quality records.  Besides, Jeezy fans still rock with him.  The Real is Back was probably the best release Jeezy has given fans in quite some time, and it got even better with The Real is Back 2, which heavily features hard hitting upstart Freddie Gibbs.

Plus Jeezy is still selling out venues and keeping his name popping through features.  This is what every artist does in between albums.  The ONLY problem, is that this process may have run its course.  There is only so much hype one can build for their upcoming album, and I feel Young Jeezy has reached that limit.  But I don't blame him, and I feel he his doing what he needs to do to stay relevant in the game.

Blame should be passed to the label and maybe even Jeezy's team.  Def Jam obviously is mishandling this talented rapper and his album, which could be great, and then you have member's of Jeezy's team making matters worse by jumping the gun on news about the album.  I can't count how many times Lil Lody has tweeted some shit regarding the album, only to find out its false as fuck.  Lil Lody is just a kid who doesn't know anything about the industry, making Jeezy look like a fool.

I honestly don't believe Jeezy will end up being a mixtape rapper forever.  The album will come.  Jeezy will shine.  And I also believe the album will be good, maybe even great.  I have no reason not to.  Its really all about timing.  I have no problem with how long its taking for the album to come out, as long as its good.  But for Jeezy's sake, I hope he'e able to release it while there are still people anxious to hear it.  Hip hop fans are so used to instant gratification when it comes to music that they often turn their back on someone who takes too long to release a project.  I don't want to see that happen to Young Jeezy.  I have always been a fan of him, and I believe his talent will spill over on his album as long as he makes the music HE wants to make.  Is Jeezy still relevant?  I guess its how you see things.  If Jeezy has always been a rapper you check for, then yes, he probably still is relevant to you as he is to me.  I just hope he stays that way.

But maybe there is hope, because APPARENTLY, Jeezy has a new single off the album out now.  Hopefully this spells for good things to come Jizzle, and the song bangs.  Lets just keep hope that TM103 will be here soon.  The streets need it.  Whurlin....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Album Review: J. Cole- Cole World: The Sideline Story

Hip Hop in 2011 has entered its new age this year.  Breakout artists, innovative methods of release, and even a surprising reemergence of the "music video."  Hip Hop in all respects is in a new era.  Artists like Odd Future's Tyler the Creator and Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, BIG K.R.I.T., Mac Miller, Machine Gun Kelly, Fashawn, Emilio Rojas, and other artists have all stood under the spotlight, building mass fan bases with no label backing and little to no radio play.  Artists like Wiz Khalifa and Big Sean, finally grabbed the eye of mainstream audiences, setting new waves and trends in hip hop, taking the game by storm.  It seems everyday someone is promoting a new artist they just heard of that's on the rise.  In 2011, while Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, and Drake dominate the radio and 106&Park, fans online and in the streets and campuses all across the country are backing their favorite new artists, pushing them into the spotlight.  Who need's label promotion when you got die hard fans to do it for you?  Filling up venues with no album out, demanding radio to play your songs, petitioning them even!  Its a new day, a refreshing feel in hip hop that we all feel in some way.  No artist has capitalized on this new age in hip hop more so...than J. Cole.

The journey to the album was a long and daunting one for J. Cole and his loyal fans.  Cole World: The Sideline Story, which is now available in all music stores, is pretty much a microcosm of everything Cole has gone through from his younger years til now.  In an age where fans matter more than ever, Cole has established one of the most loyal and dedicated fan bases on the game right now.  They are loyal to Cole because he brings a new feel to the game, a breath of fresh air.  There are no underground or mainstream fans when it comes to J. Cole, as he blurs those lines bringing in both audiences to a happy medium.  The same fans that love Work Out, are the same fans who remember Cole shouting "Straight from the Ville and I made it like a villain I'm hated" on Simba.  You can feel it at his shows, its truly something special AROUND him.  His honesty, and ability plus willingness to tell the stories of all those friends and fans who have no voice, have really connected him to hip hop fans in many aspects.

On to the review.  This album IS that story.  This album tells your story.  Whether you're the young hungry kid chasing your aspirations like Dolla And A Dream III, the young couple struggling to deal with unplanned parenthood and the option of abortion in Lost Ones, the light hearted spirit enjoying the success life has given you like in Mr. Nice Watch, the son angry at his absent father while still yearning for that connection like in Breakdown, or just the young college kid having a blast with your friends like in Can't Get Enough, Cole in some shape or form told YOUR story.  That's what makes Cole a special artist, and this a special album.  Other legendary artists have done what Cole is doing, like Pac and Nas for example.  Some people criticize Cole in that regard, that he isn't bringing anything new to the game.  But they never acknowledge how what he brings may have been done before, but no one is doing this now.  This album is far far far away from Carter IV, and even Watch The Throne, in the sense that Cole is down to earth, telling you his story and yours for the world to hear, in hopes that everyone may be able to connect not only to Jermaine, but to each other.  Songs like Sideline Story, with a beautiful beat and hook, telling the story of a nigga on the sidelines waiting for his chance.  We have all been there at some point.

But outside of that, lets look at this from a technical view.  As promised, J. Cole has made and contributed to a lot of this album's production.  While it's not flawless, it is exceptional to say the least.  In a time when more and more rappers are beginning to self-produce their own songs, Cole has mastered it and it shows on songs like BreakDown, God's Gift, and the heavily praised Rise and Shine.  That signature sound, with the piano keys flaring mixed in with soulful undertone, has made J. Cole's production one of the best in the game today. He adds heavy...HEAVY lyrics to these beats, making the album really tough to digest.  A lot of these tracks, like Dolla And A Dream III, Rise and Shine, Cole World, and God's Gift are heavy in both content and delivery.  Cole has a lot he has to get off his chest and he does, practically burning the mic down with a swirl of emotions.  People have complained that the album is a bit long winded, and I can agree to that.  That by no means hurt it imo, as his quality verses and harmonic melodies soften the listen.  Missy Elliot steals the show far as features go in Nobody's Perfect, giving us a heart warming hook with soulful vocals.  The vocals are so fresh in your ears, you don't even notice its Missy whose singing.  Cole has been slandered for his addition of In The Morning and Lights Please because they are older material, but both serve their purpose for the album.  In The Morning has yet to run its course, and many fans who are not already into Cole's music will jump at the sound of this tune.  Far as Lights Please, Cole has always said that he would add Lights Please onto the album, as it is a song that means more to him than we will understand.  Its the song that changed his life, the song that got him to where he is at today.  Think about it.  On the album we hear Lights Please, followed by the interlude of Cole taking about the day he got signed, followed by the reflective Sideline Story, only to be followed by Mr. Nice Watch...his celebration with his mentor.  Lights Please was where it started, Sideline Story was the journey, and Mr. Nice Watch is where Cole is at now.

I don't feel the need to bash you over the head with more of my thoughts.  I have so many in regards to this album.  People are ranting and raving over Cole right now.  We have people going out to their local Best Buy, FYE, Targets, etc., buying MULTIPLE copies of this album.  I woke up today, and my twitter was flooded with #ColeWorld tweets from people saying how they will buy the album today.  When I get on campus, I hear Cole World bumping in people's cars, I see people mouthing his lyrics, and its truly a special thing.  Its a new feeling in the air, we all feel it, and Cole is the catalyst for it all.  I'm not going to get into what I "expected" the album to be, or if is it's a "classic" or whose album is better.  That's something I don't feel I will ever care about when it comes to this album.  This day will be remember by me, and all Cole fans, as the day hip hop fans won.  Not underground fans, not mainstream fans, HIP HOP FANS won.  Doesn't matter how much Cole sells, he won as well.  He has given us so much quality music, and has everyone caring about hip hop.  We are collectively tuned into Cole World, and it is a beautiful thing.

I loved this album.  Where it will end up far as longevity?  Time will tell.  Right now, I haven't been able to stop listening since the leak.  I myself have two copies today,

 and I hope you will go out and buy this album as well.  Stay away from that "is it a classic?" bullshit, at least for today.  Sit back and enjoy the music for once.  Hip hop fans need to celebrate.  Cole fans need to celebrate.  Cole won!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Album Review: Phonte- Charity Starts at Home

Phonte doesn't make superficial music, he doesn't make trap music, pop music, horrocore music, or gangsta rap.  Phonte makes working man music.  Essentially, the North Carolina MC is not so different from you and I.  He's a working class man trying to pay his mortgage and feed his family, also side stepping all the challenges and temptations that come his way.  And like the rest of us, he still has his own dreams, as he wishes to finally receive praise he feels he deserves in a game where this is not place for the harsh realness he brings with his music.  Enter Charity Starts at Home.  Famous for his work with his group Little Brother, now one half of the group The Foreign Exchange, Phonte is finally stepping out with his solo LP, due to release 9/27.  A leak has been out for some days now, and I have listened thoroughly, so I will now make my attempt to give readers the most accurate assessment of what the album sounds like and what to expect from Phonte on this piece, far as subject matter, flows, features, etc.  This is a review of what I have heard, but i encourage you to all BUY THIS ALBUM so you can make your own assessment.  Lets get started...

1. Dance in the Reign (ft. Sy Smith) [prod. by Swiff D]- This intro track works perfectly imo.  Really sets the mood for what is to follow.  Phonte says it best..."This is for Hip Hop!  Fuck am I kidding, I do this to pay my mortgage n shit."  He then digs into a very unique flow, piercing through the beat with tough but very subtle lyrics.  "You niggas is better off playin hop scotch in a mine field."  An impressive balance of lyrics and flow.  He focuses primarily on his spot in Hip Hop and even says " I done seen the world, and if you ever saw hell, yo wouldn't want either", expressing how although he raps, he is a man 1st, and ideal that gets lost by other rappers who abandon their responsibility as men.  Very dope track, but I feel its just a little short.  But it serves its purpose.

2. The Good Fight [prod. by 9th Wonder]- This is everyday working man rap right here.  You Big Sean fans won't understand or feel this shit.  "Everybody has to do a job that they hate."  Phonte loves hip hop, but knows his chances of selling like he SHOULD is far outta reach.  Its like clocking into work everyday, knowing you work harder than most of the employees around you, but you the one that management won't consider giving a raise.  So you keep fighting the good fight.  "What the fuck is sellin out if aint nobody sellin?" I like the content and message of this song, the beat left me wanting more but it was good that it was simple because it made me focus on Phonte's words.  Very good track.  I can relate to every word Phonte spits here.

3. Everything Is Falling Down (ft. Jeanne Jolly) [prod. by Khrysis]- "Don't needa new style, bein dope is always in fashion."  WHAT NIGGA?  Phonte is not only spittin tough shit here, but he is also venting.  So far these 1st 3 tracks have been real heavy far as Phonte's ambitions vs his responsibilities.  He still drops lyrical gems like "heavy on the block like offensive tackles", "why rage against the machine when you can unplug it?" Jeanne Jolly on the hook meshes very smoothly on this joint, and the beat is smooth yet has a hectic feel to it, setting a mood like shit getting really really real, like everything is REALLY falling down.  I love this track.

4. Not Here Anymore (ft. Elzhi) [prod. by 9th Wonder]- 

9th Wonder did wonders on this beat.  At this point, this is easily the beat that knocks the most, and the content lifts as Phonte doesn't wanna knock you over the head with his frustrations.  This song is a bit more lighter, gives intricate flows and lyrics, and Phonte showcases his vocal skills on the hook, showing where exactly Drake got his inspiration to sing.  Everything sounds hard knocking yet smooth at the same time.  And Elzhi destroys his verse.  You know when you hear an Elzhi verse, you're gonna hear unique patterns and a brash delivery, and that's exactly what he did.  Perfect single for the album, and I love this track more and more I hear it.

5. Eternally (ft. Median) [prod. by 9th Wonder]- This is just pure spitting right here.  I don't go around using the term "real hip hop" because I believe that's corny, but if I did, this tracks would perfectly personify that.  I nice change of pace here as it doesn't have a hook, no real changes in the beat, just straight back and forth between both emcees.  Phonte really blacked out on some parts of this song, and Median added his own style to this track.  He didn't really grab hold of me like Phonte did, but it wasn't a bad addition.  Brought a good feel to it.

6. Sendin' My Love [prod. by Stro Elliot; intro by Affion Crockett]- Songs like this makes you zone out and just connect to a man and his battles with love.  I love the hook, as it has so much soul, much like the beat.  Phonte questions our views on relationships and how we interact with the opposite sex this day and age.  "People want what grandma n granddaddy had...but they aint have options nigga, we do."  I enjoy how this track ended with the harmonizing vocals and with Phonte addressing his conflicting emotions, telling himself to go home and be strong...."be real real strong."

7. Ball and Chain [prod. by Swiff D]-  Drake needs to take notes here, cuz although I like Drake a lot, this is how you sing on a track while not sounding like a pre teen girl finding her inner woman.  This is grown man R&B, but the beat knocks like a hip hop joint.  Phonte further addresses the battles of love, primarily focusing on his own woes.  And when he raps, he uses a very loose flow, riding effortlessly on the beat.  His wavey delivery really adds to the song, adding a certain bounce to it.  Once again, a nice change up from earlier tracks.  If you not a fan of Phonte's singing, this track may change your mind.  He makes it work like magic here.  

8. To Be Yours [prod. by Zo! & Phonte]- The instruments are throbbing, providing a light jazz mood like you're watching a performance in a coffee shop with the lights dimmed, and Phonte is on stage singing with so much soul.  Not really a full track, almost an interlude, but it goes so smoothly.

9. Gonna Be A Beautiful Night (ft. Carlitta Durand) [prod. by S1]- Sticking to the R&B feel, Phonte even further addresses relationships, but this time with a better view, a more positive and optimistic one.  Phonte and Carlitta are almost talking directly to each other, portraying us and or own interactions.  When things were uncertain and troubling in Ball And Chain and Sendin My Love, now its uplifting, reflecting the ups and  downs of relationships.  This is definitely the upside, as the singing by both artists just lifts your mood.  A subtle but still pivotal change in tone here, ending the relationship joints on a very positive note.  Phonte took you on a journey, and ended it with putting a smile on your face. 

10. We Go Off (ft. Pharoahe Monch) [prod. by Fatin 10 Horton]- BACK TO HIP HOP!  Phonte blacked out from the 1st verse, with the flow and lyrics.  "Niggas lookin like fools punchin outta they weight class/ lookin like food under pressure they breakfast/ its lookin like school and I'm the invincible principal/ Joe Clarken you niggas, sign in get a late pass."  Phonte just spitting bars yo!  This lyrical barrage makes you nod your head heavily, and you know it gets even crazier when Pharoahe comes in spitting nonsense with his knife like flow, cutting through every inch of the beat.  My only gripe, was that its too short and ended abruptly.  They went off, but they had a moment to really do more with the track.  Because of that, this track may at some point become a skippable track, as it really just seems like a filler joint.

11. The Life of Kings (ft. Evidence & Big K.R.I.T.) [prod. by 9th Wonder]- 9th Wonder did wonders on this beat....AGAIN.  I love this beat, so soulful and also hard knocking.  By this time, Phonte seems to spitting on cruise control.  Not to say his verse was wack, but you can tell he didn't want to overwhelm the track.  He just rode the beat.  Evidence did his part, I can tell he wanted to add to the smoothness of the beat, but while Phonte kept it moderately up tempo,Evidence took it down,which I was not too fond of.  But it was by no means a bad verse, just very dry.  In comes Krit changing the whole mood of the song, using impressive wordplay with a different flow we are used to from him.  He definitely shined on this song.  Overall, this is a good song.  And yall said Krit isn't lyrical.  Smh

12. Who Loves You More (ft. Eric Roberson) [prod. by E. Jones]- I LOVE this beat.  Its a very big beat and has a lot of layers to it.  Phonte really did a great job using imagery to bring us into the home where man and woman STILL struggle to co-exist in a happy home.  He also addresses young men in the hood making tough decisions, leading to consequences that will change their lives for the worst, almost giving them words of advice.  The verse really sealed the whole album.  Phonte as an artist really has evolved into something great.  This track SCREAMS that.

Overall:  I really enjoyed this album.  Charity starts at home, the charity being everything you give to someone or something you love.  GIVING.  Taking care of home being more important than any materialistic fantasy.  Relationships, bills, and work can all be stressing, but hard work will rectify any bad situation.  It just takes time and effort.  Phonte really showed his range, from rapping, to singing, he even made one of the beats, fantastic piece of work.  The album is also very cohesive.  My only gripes, a lot of the album was too short.  Some songs ended too quickly when he could have really added other elements to them.  And some tracks were just "what you see is what you get" sort of tracks far as production and other layers not being included. But I still highly recommend this album.  9/27 is going to be a great day for hip hop with Cole World, Cats & Dogs, and Charity Starts at Home all being released on the same day.  No need to argue about which will be better, I think we all can agree all 3 albums are good for hip hop.  Phonte's album just brings a unique feel to it, and has a lot of replay value.  If you love Phonte, you will love this.  

Favorite tracks: Not Here Anymore, The Good Fight, Sendin My Love, Everything is Falling, and Beautiful Night. 

Go and get it on 9/27, and support good music.  Til next time, holla at me with any albums you would like for me to review in the future.  Be easy.  Whurlin

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wale: Is he really that good?

ATTENTION ALL READERS: It has been brought to my attention that my earlier posts, as genuine as they may be, are viewed as incoherent and an improper way to conduct myself in a setting where I would like for my posts to be taken seriously.  Initially I was tempted to say "Fuck yall niggas, dis some real shit im taln n yall worried bout my grammar b?", but I now know if I ever want to make it anywhere with my music or my blogging, I have to be able to appeal to all audiences, and that includes those who appreciate well orchestrated and thought out prompts.  I am an English major at Old Dominion University, Professional Writing emphasis, so there is no real reason I shouldn't be writing these posts in a more professional setting.  To summarize, I have to give my readers what they want.  Always willing to improve............cuh...

ANYWAY...lets get into what this post is really about shall we?  Wale.
  Whats next for the rapper straight out of the DMV?  Well Wale has an upcoming album Ambition due to release on November 11, 2011 or better marketed as 11.1.11.  Wale has not been in the game that long, but has already made a name for himself, whether good or bad, in hip hop before the release of his 2nd album.  His 1st album Attention Deficit
received mixed reviews from hip hop fans.  Some fans believe it was one of the better releases of 2009, and that Wale along with other artists like J. Cole, B.O.B., and Drake at the time were the new faces of hip hop.  Other listeners, like myself, were not as thrilled with the project.  Some audiences felt the album was very underwhelming, especially in comparison to his breakout mixtape The Mixtape About Nothing.
MY take on Wale?  I could never get into him.  Although the previously mentioned Mixtape About Nothing was decent, it didn't wow me as much as other fans.  I liked the direction Wale was taking his music though, as it did seem he took his craft seriously, actually approaching it as a CRAFT, instead of as a means to an end.  That's one thing I've always liked about Wale, he does take his music very seriously, and is very creative in what he delivers.  However, Mixtape About Nothing left me waiting to see what was the big deal.  Wale at that point was an XXL Freshman, along with the likes of Mickey Factz, Blu, B.O.B., Cudi, and others.  Many people at the time were telling me Wale was the best out of that bunch.  His mixtape didn't show me anything to agree with them though.  Decent music, nothing special to me.  From the beginning, I always felt Wale's voice just drags on a track, almost as if it doesn't add to anything, which is weird right?  His content isn't necessarily boring, and he does have a fair balance of lyrics and flow, but his voice on a track comes across as very...DULL to me.

  Fast forward to his debut LP, and like his mixtape, it was ok.  Nothing wowed me outside of maybe 3 songs, one being my personal favorite Wale songs Shades, where he addresses the topic of the black communities division of skin tone.
This is a beautiful song imo, and one of the other songs which wowed me was his song Beautiful Bliss.  However, Wale wasn't the one who wowed me, as essentially the "lil nigga from the Ville" J. Cole made that song his own and stole the show.  There was substance on the album, songs like Diary, 90210, but I didn't like the direction he took those songs in, far as his flow and delivery.  90210 had a real story inside it that overshadowed my a nursery-esque flow and beat selection, making the song very sleepy. The LP was very underwhelming, and sales reflected that.  I personally do not care about album sales, but Wale has said in the past that he felt his album was not properly received by the fans and that it probably went over a lot of heads, thus causing less than stellar numbers.  Big words, but are they accurate?

My answer is no.  Wale just isnt as good as he thinks or hopes he is imo.  The Back to the Feature mixtape
was a very impressive tape that he dropped after his LP in hopes to show fans "niggas just be rapping."  Wale had a lot of OK verses that did fit the songs and such, but lets be honest....the mixtape is carried by two things, the legendary 9th Wonder on the beats, and the FEATURES.  On a lot of these songs, debates about who had the best verse have ended with Wale coming in either the middle or near last of the list.  He deserves credit for this tape being received well since it was his vision and his baby so to speak, but Wale didn't impress me or show me anything new.  And on this tape imo, a lot of his lines were reaching for complexity instead of actually being complex.  His flow did variate, but was out-shined a lot, and once again, his voice dragged sooooo much.  Still, held his own in some respects, and the tape was generally received well.

More About Nothing almost won me over though.
While all of Wale's earlier projects got mixed reviews, it seemed as though he finally struck gold with this mixtape.  In my opinion, its because Wale sounds his most natural on this mixtape.

Angry about his LP criticism, his situation with his label, his critics, mixed feelings from fans from his home town, each emotion is displayed on this tape, and delivered with a natural feel to it.
Wale went HAM on this mixtape. Songs like the The Problem, Friends n Strangers (which I love), The Power, The Work, even the light hearted cuts like The Manipulation 2 and The Breeze.  I wasn't ready to put him in my current top 10, but I was more open to hear his music now.  He showed me something here.  Maybe he IS that good.  Maybe the pressure of the album and from the label is what was stifling Wale's ability.  If that was the case, he sure put an end to that in 2011, when he signed a controversial deal with MMG/Universal and Rozay, Teflon Don, The Bawse Ricky Ross.  *Ross grunt* I use the word controversial, because like much of Wale's short career in the industry, he received a lot of mixed feedback from fans.  Some fans felt this was a great move, as Ross being one of the hottest acts in the mainstream would open more doors for Wale and give him access to better producers, more artists, etc.   The other side argued that Wale's music would suffer from this new affiliation.  How can Wale still pass himself off as a lyrical wordsmith on a song like BMF, the hit Ross released in 2010?  Wale quickly silenced his "haters" with a verse many people believe was EPIC on a song he did with Ross and the hungry Meek Mill called Pandemonium.
I didn't believe this deal would hurt Wale's music at all though.  I mean, I wasn't a big fan in the 1st place, so he couldn't go anywhere but up imo.  Besides, I like Rick Ross.  I like his beat selection, his flow, his marketing skills, and his adlibs. #WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOP.  And I've always been a fan of Meek Mill, so I liked the move by Wale.  And I was actually anticipating hearing him on Self Made Vol.1.  When it released, I was satisfied with what I heard, but I still felt something was missing.  The change in Wale's content on songs like 600 Benz didn't phase me.

  I mean seriously, this is the same nigga that made Nike Boots, a fun catchy light song, and had a verse on No Hands, a club hit that got niggas all the cheeks.  His song with Ross called That Way was cool,
and for the most part, his verses had small replay value.  But I was never wowed, and as Meek Mill seemed to take the whole Self Made album and rip it apart, More About Nothing started to seem more and more like a fluke to me.

So word comes out about Wale's 2nd studio album entitled Ambition set to release on 11.1.11, with his mixtape for the precursor to the album dropping before hand called ElevenOneEleven Theory.

 I listened to a lot of Wale's music up until this point, and I can honestly say none of his projects have been straight garbage...until this one.  That shit was HORRIBLE.  He maybe, MAYBE only had two songs that were good, and they were both just GOOD (I aint posting those weak shits neither, fuck that).  I am not a Wale hater, but that shit got deleted after a full day of trying to bare through that bullshit.  He sounded better on Self Made, More About Nothing, you name it, he sounded better on that shit than ElevenOneEleven Theory.  Get this nigga the fu.......let me chill.

Now here I am, Wale's album Ambition coming soon in November.  I know this is only his 2nd album, but Wale has a lot on the line here.  He has never lived up to hyped his core fans from the DMV shoved on him.  Actually, the DMV area makes up almost all his fans for real, and that has little to do with his skill, and more so to do with where he is from.  Im from VA, and on campus I hear people quoting, blasting, praising Wale all the time.  Outside of VA, his fan base dwindles.  Its like Wale is one of the best young rappers in hip hop today, but only Wale and his fans in the DMV are in on the secret.  I never got into Wale on a serious level, because I feel he is still trying to find himself in his music.  Who is this nigga?  He has no signature sound.  Many people place the go go tag on him, but those don't sound authentic.  Matter fact, nothing about Wale's music sounds authentic to me besides More About Nothing, which still sounded a bit so so but at least more natural.  I'm not trying to place Wale in a box, I encourage artists to do all types of songs, because naturally as humans, we have different moods in different settings at different times and music should as well.  Wale sounds as if he tries to do too much though, leaving audiences with nothing to back track too like "this is what makes Wale..WALE."  That go go shit aint it, that weirdo poetry shit sounds forced as fuck, and that girl shit....well y'all know how soft that is, and its not even constructed well.  And what can Wale pride himself on?  His lyrics?  They come and go.  His flow?  Can be VERY mediocre at times.  His concepts?  Creative in some spots, reaching in others.  His delivery? Puts a nigga to sleep in most songs.  His imagery?  I will give him that, its ok, but just ok.  Wale, to me, oozes mediocrity.  Almost nothing about his music makes me want to replay anything he releases.

This raises my main question (sorry for the long winded writing).  Is Wale even that good?  Im pretty much sold that More About Nothing was a fluke, that ElevenOneEleven Theory Wale might be an indication as to what he will sound like on Ambition.  If thats so, he can keep that shit.  I hear Wale talking about how complex his schemes are, how the rap fans just dont get his lyrics, how Ambition will be on par with Reasonable Doubt, and all I can do is say "#CAYOASS WALE."  Wale has done nothing to warrant any form of actual hype for his album.  Self Made was a decent showing, but that was a collaborative album where he didn't have the best verse on a majority of songs in some people's eyes.  More About Nothing is in the past, and ElevenOneEleven Theory is sorry as fuck.  I don't think Wale is bad, he's just not as good as he thinks he is.  It surprises me that a nigga like Wale feels the need to be overly cocky.  He's like a mesh of half ass spoken word conscious rambling with go go far fetched lyricism.  I'm just not a big fan.  11.1.11 may prove to be Wale's most important moment in his career.  As of now, Im not sold that people are really checking for him outside of the DMV.  There is a distinct disconnect between Wale's music and some hip hop fans right now, as we just can't connect or buy into Wale.  When people mentioned big releases coming up by the end of the year, I didn't hear Ambition mentioned not one time.  *Shrugs*  Maybe Wale's right and I just don't get his shit.  Maybe he is better than I'm making him seem.  Or maybe, just MAYBE...he's not as good as he thinks he is yo.  He thinks very highly of himself and his music, but his music is showing me nothing to be excited about.  " Aye Sound you checking for that Ambition shit Wale droppin yo?"  "Nah fam, Ima just bump this Dreamchasers, he can keep that."  That's usually how shit goes when people ask me that.

In all fairness though, I WILL give Ambition a listen come the release date.  Nothing has to be GREAT in order to be GOOD.  Good music is still good music imo, so as long as its good and plays well to me, I will fully endorse Wale.  But OK wont cut it, ok is very forgettable and that's what Wale's career has been so far. So much hard work, yet so much forgettable material.  Whurlin.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fuck a Mixtape: 6 Reasons Why...

The game done got real wild now yo.  We livin in a time when its Mixtapes>Albums????  How the fuck that happen.  Mixtapes have been a dominant stable in the rap game for pretty much close to a decade now.  Mixtapes have always been around, but since 50 Cent took the streets by storm with his G-Unit Radio cuts, pretty much eatin off them shits, the mixtape game evolved n has been on some other shit ever since yo.  Since 50 shined off his tapes, we've seen niggas use mixtapes as come ups, filler projects in between albums, and DJ cluster fucks yo.  But Im not sure if I can fuck with these shits no mo cuh....

A nigga gotta whole list of grievances when its comes to this mixtape shit now.  In no particular order, fuck wrong with mixtapes today....

6. THESE WACK ASS COVERS YOOOOOOOO.  Only on an underground ass mixtape will niggas think its cool to do some wild shit like this b
Lol. This shit is pure comedy.  How is anybody supposed to take a nigga serious, when he rockin the Goku dingy pajama set with the matchin fitted? lmao shit gets mo weak tho....

This the real reason niggas locked down Boosie cuh.  smh get this nigga the fuck outta here!!!

lmaoooo ayo, the DJ that made this on some wild shit yo.  I know the artists had nothin to really do with this shit, but this cover wack as shit, and this DJ needa get smack the fuck off the face of the Earth for this faggidy ass bitch shit.  AVENGERS B??? Only on a aint shit ass mixtape will you come across some coon ass shit like this.

5. Ayo niggas droppin too many of these shits.  You go on datpiff n type in Papoose name, you guaranteed to get 20 pages of bullshit ass tapes cuh.  Wayne was makin mixtapes when I was bein conceived yo.  Niggas love hearin music, but we not checkin fo these niggas who droppin mixtapes eery month.  Fuck is that?  EVERY MONTH NIGGA!? It aint that deep fam.  You over saturate yo fan base when you killin em with mixtapes non fuckin stop.  "Ayo you hear that nigga Gotti last mixtape?" 'You mean 5 Star Chef my nigga?' "Nah im talmbout that Yellow Grits shit yo, he just dropped that an hour ago, shit got like 59 songs, all bangers bro."  Shit like that nahmean.  Charles Hamilton done dropped 500 mixtapes of straight Sonic shit.  He aint Sonic no mo neither, call that crazy ass niggas Tails yo, the nigga who you not quite sure if he's a nigga....or a bitch.  But these rap niggas floodin the game with mixtapes too much yo.  That aint gon lead niggas nowhere but that recycle bin...

4. Ayo FUCK these DJs.  A nigga shouldnt have to beg fo NO DJ cuts of a nigga project, cuz all I hear every track is "WHOOOOOOOO....KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID" nah fuck YOU Whoo Kid. #CAYOASS with that shit.  Im listenin to Bar Exam 3, Royce's shit from 2010 righ?  He got this song with Elzhi n Black Milk called Real Hip Hop. Now tell me if this aint some of the most annoying noises n cuts you ever heard yo.   And peep what happens at 1:22.
Thats not annoyin ass fuck to yall..........or this shit?  FUCK DJ DRAMA FO THIS BULLSHIT AT THE START OF THE INTRO!
maybe its just me yo, maybe these DJs dont all need to be thrown in a cage off bears n shit to get mauled up while "WHOOOOO.......KIIIIIIIIIID" loops in the background.  nah fuck that, FUCK DJs yo.

3. Niggas givin us shitty ass mixtapes n it needs to stop yo.  Im tired of niggas usin a mixtape just to keep their name buzzin, when all they gon give us is some wack shit.  They can keep that wack shit, I personally dont wanna hear songs you felt that wasnt good enough fo yo album b.  If they throwaway songs, stop throwin them shits my way cuz ima REALLY throw it away if you pass em to me cuh.  I was foolish enough to download Sorry For The Wait, thinkin Wayne might have SOME shit on there, but I was wrong.  That shit was ass as fuck.  I threw that shit away without hesitation.  I dont mean my recycle bin homie, I mean i burned that shit on bout 5 CDs n played Frisbee with them shits right out the window of my crib yo.  smh MIXTAPES DO NOT SUBSTITUTE ALBUMS.  NIGGAS WOULD MUCH RATHER HEAR A WELL CONSTRUCTED N DOPE ALBUM FROM YOU, THEN A HALF ASS PIECE OF SHIT ASS MIXTAPE THATS LOW FUCKIN QUALITY N SHOULDNT EVEN BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE PUBLIC.  JUST CUZ ITS FREE DONT MAKE IT HOT NIGGA.  Keep them wack ass songs yo, 4real.

2. All the mixtapes you hear that are actually dope, well crafted, and can/could be considered classic tapes, are all from new niggas.  Mixtapes bein used as a come up is cool in the beginning, since that gives niggas a platform to showcase their ability n shit.  My problem is, niggas droppin too many mixtapes before their actual debut albums.  I feel like only unsigned artists should be using mixtapes to shine, and once they do get a deal, niggas needa put out the album.  Fuck all that "build a buzz" shit yo, cuz Nas aint need no 3 or 4 mixtapes to give niggas Illmatic, Kanye aint give niggas mixtapes like THAT, and when we heard College Dropout, shit changed the game.  Meek Mill, my nigga, been rappin since he was 16, n he just got his deal this past year at the age of 23 with MMG.  Under that label, he has released 1 mixtape, but during his time rapping...he actually has released round 6 or 7.  Now Im not mad at Meek, no why?  He hasnt given us all he can offer yet.  Bulk of those mixtapes, like the Flamerz series, were street tapes when he was unsigned, had no real expectations or stance in the industry, plus they were mostly freestyles.  Now Big Sean has been signed to Kanye's GOOD Music label since like...2007/2008....and he's released a slew, a SLEW of mixtapes during his time their.  My problem with that is, we just now got the album from this nigga in 2011, and OF COURSE ITS ASS.  Big Sean spent too many years givin us all he can offer, just to "build a fan base" that by the time Finally Famous comes around, all we got it songs that go "ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS ASS." That actually summarizes how I feel about his album, "ASS ASS ASS" b.  Khalifa, soft ass bitch, done released sooooo maaaaaanny mixtaaaaapes yo.  His Prince of the City series was dope, Burn After Rolling n Kush &OJ are his best two mixtapes imo, but this was all before he linked up with Atlantic.  You know what he gave us??? Soft ass Rolling Papers yo, I puke eery time I even hear Roll Up.  J. Cole is being KILLED right now by fans sayin Cole World: The Sideline Story isnt as good as The Warm Up or Friday Night Lights, both of which came after Cole got signed.  Yes he inevitably got the fan base he did thru those mixtapes, but if The Warm Up was his DEBUT (minus the freestyle joints) instead of a pretty sure EVERY one would be considerin that to be a classic yo.  Drake said it himself, "Dropped the mixtape the shit sounded like an album (insert fake southern drawl)."  Well...maybe So Far Gone should have been his debut album.  I know technically he  wasnt signed yet, but still, he CLAIMS he had deals pendin at the time, and he was affiliated with YM.  No reason to think SFG wouldnt outsell TML immensely cuh.  If these new niggas keep droppin mixtapes after they already reached the public eye, instead of ALBUMS, all the fans gonna do is compare their mixtapes to their albums, when there shouldnt even be a comparison.

1. The game really done got outta control yo.  The game done got so crazy, that R&B niggas is droppin mixtapes now.  Now really think about that......R&B niggas is droppin mixtapes.  What more do I need to say cuh?  Do niggas really wanna hear that shit yo?  Yall really wanna hear throwaway R&B songs about pill poppin, weird emo shit n stuff like that? And even if some of this shit is dope, cuz I know alot of yall some The Weeknd fans, yall know when his album drop, all yall gonna do is say House of Ballons and Thursday were better right?  It doesnt even have to be true, it prolly gon be the same incoherent emo ass bitch ass ramblin he always do.  But the game dont need R&B niggas makin mixtapes yo, seriously...

All in all Im bout to be off this mixtape shit.  Lets face it, Albums>>>Mixtapes.  Miss me with that "Oh but rappers have more artistic freedom on their mixtapes, so mixtapes actually sound better cuz they dont have to worry about labels, n blah blah blah blah ima cheap ass fuck bwoy."  GTFOH b.  The same niggas who really think mixtapes are better than albums, really only say that cuz they lazy asses dont feel like payin fo shit n want everything free, whether its good or not, fuck it its free tho.  Smh.  Albums have better quality, give better insight on the artist, and stand the test of time better than mixtapes.  Lupe Fiasco gave niggas Fahrenheit 1/15 1 and 2, BOTH classics imo.  After he hangs the mic up tho, some odd years down the line, im not gonna look back n say "ayo Revenge of the Nerds mixtape by Lupe defined my generation cuh."  Nigga NO, ima say Food & Liquor...The Cool nigga.  Classic albums transcend thru time better than classic mixtapes imo.  And niggas dont need to drop mad mixtapes to stay hot.  Man Jay Elect got some of the most pea-brained fans of all time cuh, and he dont even drop shit EVER.  Elzhi drops shit every 2 years b, and Im still checkin for him cuz his ALBUMS are amazing.  If you're a rapper and you have better/more mixtapes than actual albums...I dont know if I can rock with you.  Quality>>>>Quantity nigga.  And if yo mixtape does happen to be great, you better make damn sure yo album is at least 3x better, or niggas will play you fo puttin out your best shit fo free yo.  These fans wont mind at all hearin all yo shit fo free n lovin it, n not payin for yo album n bashin it.  Anyway, just some shit to think about.  Are yall ready for shit like this to die yet...
smh Whurlin...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Its no secret that ima big J. Cole fan.  Cole happens to my be favorite rap artist right now (notice I said favorite).  So my opinion on him is biased most of the time.  I know that, ima aware n shit, n I dont even care cuh.  I knew I was gonna love his debut album before I even heard the shit.  I also knew...niggas were gonna not fuck with it. Eerybody cant like the same shit, thats impossible fam.  Really tho.  Shit would be borin if eerybody like Cole as much as I do.  I dont condone niggas conformin to shit, so if you dont fuck with #LiteSkinJesus, thats ok by me yo.  Keep bumpin whatever you like fam.  So like I said, a nigga knew Cole would have some listeners say his album was average, or nothing groundbreaking, n niggas wouldnt vibe to it.  But then I saw some fuck ass shit that I cant condone b..........

"Cole World should have been called Cole Trash because that shit is fucking horrible. I mean, how you come into the game and people give you a title(Hip Hop savior) and have great expectations of you and you put out one of the worst albums this year or maybe last year?"
Now im not gonna even acknowledge the name of this weirdo fuck ass nigga that said this shit, just know this dude gave himself one of the gayest, struggle online names ever phew.  This nigga on some 80's swedish porn star shit, ol bum ass bitch.




And that pretty much sums up the nigga that said that wild shit...a BITCH who take BLASTS to the face b.  I originally shrugged that shit off tho, cuz opinion is opinion.  Thats what a nigga like me believe yo.  But then I caught myself n though "This nigga really said its the worst album all year??? Not that he dont fuck with it, but that its its FACT NIGGA?"  Thats when I decided him n all those who push opinions like its facts are now WEIRDO FUCK ASS NIGGAS yo.  Dont you hate it when you n a group of niggas all sharin yalls opinion on shit, n here comes a nigga thinkin he shuttin shit down with the FACTS b.  Ooooooh, you know everything huh nigga?  I mean niggas like this....

Krit Wuz Here is a better all around project than anything Budden has made

but the niggas he's arguin against had this brilliant rebuttal....

Mood Muzik 2 or 3>>>>anything K.R.I.T. can ever dream of doing.
Joe Budden's project's had an impact on people's lives. Cant say that bout any other rapper out there. Thats why Joseph>>>K.R.I.T. That's why you're a tard. That's why


Ab Soul isnt better than Gibbs at any aspect of music
Ab Soul is a better songmaker than Krit...this is like debating with someone who thinks Lil Wayne>Jay-Z.
Ab Soul has yet to make a project on par with Krit Wuz Here and Returnof4eva.  If I made a poll on ANY forum Krit Wuz Here vs ANY project Ab Soul has made...what do you think would blow the other out? 
Now I fuck with Krit HEAVY.  Returnof4va was my favorite album/mixtape all year cuh.  I still like Joe Budden n Ab Soul too.  But notice somethin missin in all deez most yo? Lemme give you niggas a hint.......


Music is subjective nahmean?  If a nigga say some wild shit like "Wayne>>>Jay-Z" (niggas really think this tho) I might have to smack his fuckin face off cuz I disagree with him, doesnt mean he not entitled to feel that way.  Any nigga that think Cole World is a horrible album can live round me b, he just gon have to get his shit leaned with a tree trunk, but im not gon say that "Cole World>>>>>>>>>ANYTHING YOU LIKE NIGGA" cuz thats mad wild yo.  But I would like you niggas to get yalls minds right too.  Yo opinion is more than welcome over here.  Me n my niggas gon hear what you have to say, n if we disagree, we just gon let you hold that opinion while we play yo ass.  But we not gon pass our opinions off as fact.  Thats that shit yall doin that needs to stop cuh.

I hereby am commencing the "IMO Movement."  So next time you niggas got some wild shit to say, you betta make sure you add that "IMO" after yo weak ass opinion, or ima assume that you on that porn star cum shot weirdo fuck ass nigga shit.  Music is subjective boi boi, what I hear may not be what you hear.  Maybe I DO LIKE Cole World mo than Section 80.  Maybe I DO LIKE Krit mo than Ab Soul right now.  But thats my opinion, thats the beauty of free thinkin.  STOP TRYNA TAKE THAT AWAY FROM NIGGAS YOU FUCKIN FAGGOTS.  YALL MUST BE THE NIGGAS RAY J GOT ON DECK TO RAPE NIGGAS.  YOU PROLLY ON "TEAM RAPE A NIGGA IF HE DONT LIKE THE SHIT I LIKE" N SHIT.  NIGGA FUCK YOU.

Joell's next mixtape is going to put Cole's album to shame.  

 You mean THIS NIGGA!!!!!

Yea....niggas betta start puttin "IMO" or at least "TO ME" after that crazy shit or we gon have some problems yo.  Anyway, follow a nigga @tokyo757, n remember what I said yo, I aint playin with yall no mo.  Til next time tho....Whurlin.

Sound- Daring to Dream

Whats.......WHURRRLIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!.  Its ya boy Sound, aka Sound757 (JBTV WADDUP THO!) aka Young Tokyo. Ya boy on is blog tip now, and Im here to give yall some of the dopest shit you gon hear from any unsigned nigga from VA b.  Its the long awaited......and overdue mixtape from myself, Daring to Dream.  Shit finna get real on this tape.  A nigga been workin on this shit fo damn near a year cuh, and the road was a long one.  Lotta ups n downs, and it should reflect in the music cuh.  Aint gonna review my own shit, cuh that shit corny fam.  But Ima let yall in on how shit was done on this shit.  What inspired songs n shit, what a nigga was thinkin, while also supplyin yall with links for each track. NIGGA??.  Walk with a nigga yo...

1. Intro- MUTHAFUCKIN WILLIE HUTCH NIGGA!!!! Classic shit, one of my favorite samples ever used, you already know what song a nigga talmbout.  So much soul, I had to use this as my intro.

2. International- So I was at my crib, going thru beats niggas sent me righ?  And I come across a beat with a Willie Hutch sample. The infamous I Choose You sample.  Immediately thought of International Player's Anthem.  Needless to say, the nigga that sent me the beat....yea that shit got recycled, good fo the environment tho.  But it did inspire me to go in on one of my favorite beats.  Wanted to set the right mood fo what niggas was finna hear.  1st verse focuses on the stories of myself n my niggas I know, 2nd verse to showcase how my uptempo flow gon be displayed to yall, n 3rd verse just to showoff a nigga pen game cuh.  What yall think? Shit cray?

3. Fly Boys- Round Pistol City, me n a couple of my niggas refer to ourselves as "Fly Boys."  This means mo than just a fly ass nigga, which we all are n shit.  Nigga this bout gettin out yo situation, flyin to yo highest potential.  Nigga this an anthem fo niggas.  If you dont fuck with this, you either a) a fuck nigga, b) a broke aint shit done ass nigga, or c) Yellow Fever and you mistakin me as J. Cole (hi JBTV).  But 4real tho yo, this shit is fo the streets.

4. Live Fast- A nigga dont condone livin fast b.  Im not a fast nigga anyway.  I aint tryna speed up my death like you druggy niggas.  BUT, I do live fast in the sense that a nigga finna get mine early nahmean?  Ima get my shit now fo me and mine, n thats the message of this song.  Live Fast Die Young one of my fav beats from last year, so I had to bless it.  Mo inspirational juice cuzzy.

5. The Real- The Real is Back my nigga, but Jeezy aint fuckin with this.  Dont get me wrong, Jeezy that dude, but until he get a REAL release date fo TM103, aint nuthin real about son.  Rick Ross callin him a fuck bwoy as I type this yo.  But ME? Nigga I went HAM.......well thats what niggas tell me.  This on that Cardiak beat "The Realest" he laced fo Red Cafe, just put a Pistol City spin on it.

6. One I Pick- Dont sleep on this track cuh.  Shit is much mo than a girl song.  That 1st verse is one of my favorite verses I ever wrote my nigga.  Smh.  You technical tech fucks needa peep these multis a nigga gave yall, n tell me I aint wreck shit fo deez hoes.

7. Troubles of Our Life- Shit cant be too real all the time.  Niggas needa chill with all that shit.  Dont yall niggas have lives?  Yall dont like to go out n grab some E&J n just chill?  Yall dont like to escape shit?  Well if you wack you prolly answered no, but fuck it I do.  I cant be deep all day, I might end up sittin on some girl chest cuz im in my feelings too much (lulz).  Kick back homie, get yo mind off yo woes.

8. Losers- Jahlil Beats is that nigga.  His beats knock, and thats all I needed fo this shit yo.  I got love fo eerybody, sincerely..........but some of yall are some LOSER ASS NIGGAS.  I dont mean smart niggas, I mean you done ass niggas who hate on eerythang around you cuz you aint doin shit with yo life.  How you hatin from yo mama crib n shit, talmbout well you just stay there, you dont take money from her, you got yo own stacks.  If you REALLY had yo own stacks, you wouldnt give a fuck about what anotha nigga doin, you ass backwards niggas.  And you non rappin ass niggas...yall just fuckin suck.  Fuckin loser cuh.  I aint namin no names cuz im chillin tho.  I cant fade that remote shit b...

9. Whats Whurlin- Based Gomez called me up n told me Based God needed a Pistol City nigga to swag out deez muthafuckin streets for Based BukedaGod n Based Cawb so they can break Based Poh outta gitmo.  Yup.  Thats how this song came to be...

10. Kill The Game- Mo Jahlil Beats shit.  Had to lease it tho, but yall can cop it if yall want to, me n my nigga Steve 0 already Ray J'd this shit. Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause.  Ode to my Young World niggas, Heartless King niggas.  We gon kill shit soon yall. WATCH!

11. Where I Go- Favorite shit on the whole tape by far, my boy Sick Siah laced me with that crack.  I spit my heart out on this shit.  My heart b.  If you dont fuck with the flow, delivery, cadence, whatever gotta fuck with this soulful shit I gave yall tho.  Right?

12. Emotions- Truth be told, I almost pulled this shit cuh.  Was magic when I 1st made it, but I felt I could do better.  Plus it has the worst quality on the tape.  Smh ima nigga fo doin that yo.  But its some mo real emo shit.  Get yo percs ready.

13. Slow Me Down- Some mo inspiration.  Shits the theme of this tape homie.  Dare to dream, fly out yo situation, get yo shit early, and dont let deez loser ass aint shit done ass niggas slow you down.  How else can I explain it???

14. The Rhythm- My nigga Kaspa came thru to let yall hear some of this Pistol City fiyah cuh.  I swore I'd never get on anotha soundclick beat, but this shit spoke to me.  Wrote this the same night I found out some shit about moms b.  Smh Still inspiring tho...

15. From Nothin- JBTV WE UP!!!  Jazz Robinson n ya boy had to link up on this ol Ross shit.  Not much to say except when I wrote my verse, I was also makin eggs on you niggas. Yup, we multi-taskin doggy.  How many niggas you know can make eggs, scrambled of course, and write straight popcorn colored crack at the same time?  Dont even try that shit fam.

16.  What It Sound Like- Pusha T is one of my inspirations, considerin he a VA nigga, and he where I wanna be at.  So when Fear of God dropped and I heard this beat....I had to recruit Sick Siah to help me get that I Still Wanna beat n I went HAM once I got it. This is straight slap yo baby sister's puppy type shit right here yo.

17. Symphony- Once again JBTV...WE UP!  Easily my second favorite track up here.  My boy Dat Nukka aka Champ hit me up n asked me to contribute this song with So Vicious, n gave me the go ahead to put it on the tape.  All 3 of us did our thang, told our own stories, but NUKKA murked that shit.  I really wanted to redo my verse n shit, but Ima let Nukka live on this one.  So smooth, so real, so soulful nigga.

18. Young World: Fuck Da Otha Side- My niggas Elz, Kizzy, n Steve 0 went hard on this shit.  I aint on it, so I put it as a bonus cut.  I always...ALWAYS put on fo any nigga im cool with, thats my word.  My niggas gon get mo shine yo.  Salute!

And thats all cuh.  Just some insight from a nigga from VA feel me?  Pistol City views n shit.  This was just the warm up fo yall niggas tho.  Not only will I have mo future projects comin, but in the meantime, Ima bless yall with deez views from a Pistol City nigga perspective.  All real shit.  Reviews, views on life, me shittin on niggas, whatever yall want.  Just make sure yall support a nigga.  Word of mouth is mighty b, so spread word.  Like, retweet my links, whatever yall niggas do.  Comment too yo.  Ima very active n engagin nigga.  Hit a nigga up on twitter @tokyo757.  And last but not least.....

hit up my JBTV fam on  We wild yo.  Aite tho, Ima holla at yall with some mo shit soon.  Whurlin.