Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is Jeezy still relevant?

One of the most prolific rappers in the game, Young Jeezy is the king of trap music.  While other rappers tried (and failed) to follow the formula that made this former member of Boyz N Da Hood a hot commodity, Jeezy has carved his own lane that I am convinced suits him and him only.  He has given his fans three great albums in TM101

, The Inspiration TM102

 and his very popular album The Recession.

Although his work with USDA has been very forgettable, his work on his solo albums and his mixtapes as well have built Jeezy a very steady fan base and a comfortable spot in hip hop.  Jeezy not only put trap music on the map, capitalizing on its raw street undertone and commercializing it, but he put a voice on the average man trying to make it out the south by any means.  Jeezy is an idol in the south, and whether you think he can rap or not, he always has stayed true to what made fans gravitate to his music.  Jeezy not only makes trap music, he makes inspirational music.

Here it is, 2011.  Three years since Jeezy's last album The Recession which was his most successful album to date (a lot of  that had to do with our president being black) and Jeezy's career is on a different road.  During these three years, Jeezy released many MANY forgettable mixtapes, hit and miss singles for his upcoming album TM103: Hustler's Ambition, and Def Jam has yet to give out a release date.  To top it all off, Jeezy can't seem to escape the comparisons to Rick Ross, who is killing mainstream hip hop right now, currently on one of the hottest streaks in the game in previous years.  I'm not going to get too much into the label problems, because we all know there are things that the artist just can't win with when it comes to label disputes, but how do you feel Jeezy is handling this situation?  This may surprise you, but I think he's handling it the best he can.

Yes, he has released some forgettable material in mixtape wrapping paper, but I can understand why.  Jeezy has said that his next album will be his best yet as he is more focused now than he has ever been, and I can understand why he doesn't want to make any changes on his album by releasing album quality records.  Besides, Jeezy fans still rock with him.  The Real is Back was probably the best release Jeezy has given fans in quite some time, and it got even better with The Real is Back 2, which heavily features hard hitting upstart Freddie Gibbs.

Plus Jeezy is still selling out venues and keeping his name popping through features.  This is what every artist does in between albums.  The ONLY problem, is that this process may have run its course.  There is only so much hype one can build for their upcoming album, and I feel Young Jeezy has reached that limit.  But I don't blame him, and I feel he his doing what he needs to do to stay relevant in the game.

Blame should be passed to the label and maybe even Jeezy's team.  Def Jam obviously is mishandling this talented rapper and his album, which could be great, and then you have member's of Jeezy's team making matters worse by jumping the gun on news about the album.  I can't count how many times Lil Lody has tweeted some shit regarding the album, only to find out its false as fuck.  Lil Lody is just a kid who doesn't know anything about the industry, making Jeezy look like a fool.

I honestly don't believe Jeezy will end up being a mixtape rapper forever.  The album will come.  Jeezy will shine.  And I also believe the album will be good, maybe even great.  I have no reason not to.  Its really all about timing.  I have no problem with how long its taking for the album to come out, as long as its good.  But for Jeezy's sake, I hope he'e able to release it while there are still people anxious to hear it.  Hip hop fans are so used to instant gratification when it comes to music that they often turn their back on someone who takes too long to release a project.  I don't want to see that happen to Young Jeezy.  I have always been a fan of him, and I believe his talent will spill over on his album as long as he makes the music HE wants to make.  Is Jeezy still relevant?  I guess its how you see things.  If Jeezy has always been a rapper you check for, then yes, he probably still is relevant to you as he is to me.  I just hope he stays that way.

But maybe there is hope, because APPARENTLY, Jeezy has a new single off the album out now.  Hopefully this spells for good things to come Jizzle, and the song bangs.  Lets just keep hope that TM103 will be here soon.  The streets need it.  Whurlin....


  1. Fuck Jeezy.

    Based God nigga