Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sound- Daring to Dream

Whats.......WHURRRLIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!!!!.  Its ya boy Sound, aka Sound757 (JBTV WADDUP THO!) aka Young Tokyo. Ya boy on is blog tip now, and Im here to give yall some of the dopest shit you gon hear from any unsigned nigga from VA b.  Its the long awaited......and overdue mixtape from myself, Daring to Dream.  Shit finna get real on this tape.  A nigga been workin on this shit fo damn near a year cuh, and the road was a long one.  Lotta ups n downs, and it should reflect in the music cuh.  Aint gonna review my own shit, cuh that shit corny fam.  But Ima let yall in on how shit was done on this shit.  What inspired songs n shit, what a nigga was thinkin, while also supplyin yall with links for each track. NIGGA??.  Walk with a nigga yo...

1. Intro- MUTHAFUCKIN WILLIE HUTCH NIGGA!!!! Classic shit, one of my favorite samples ever used, you already know what song a nigga talmbout.  So much soul, I had to use this as my intro.

2. International- So I was at my crib, going thru beats niggas sent me righ?  And I come across a beat with a Willie Hutch sample. The infamous I Choose You sample.  Immediately thought of International Player's Anthem.  Needless to say, the nigga that sent me the beat....yea that shit got recycled, good fo the environment tho.  But it did inspire me to go in on one of my favorite beats.  Wanted to set the right mood fo what niggas was finna hear.  1st verse focuses on the stories of myself n my niggas I know, 2nd verse to showcase how my uptempo flow gon be displayed to yall, n 3rd verse just to showoff a nigga pen game cuh.  What yall think? Shit cray?

3. Fly Boys- Round Pistol City, me n a couple of my niggas refer to ourselves as "Fly Boys."  This means mo than just a fly ass nigga, which we all are n shit.  Nigga this bout gettin out yo situation, flyin to yo highest potential.  Nigga this an anthem fo niggas.  If you dont fuck with this, you either a) a fuck nigga, b) a broke aint shit done ass nigga, or c) Yellow Fever and you mistakin me as J. Cole (hi JBTV).  But 4real tho yo, this shit is fo the streets.

4. Live Fast- A nigga dont condone livin fast b.  Im not a fast nigga anyway.  I aint tryna speed up my death like you druggy niggas.  BUT, I do live fast in the sense that a nigga finna get mine early nahmean?  Ima get my shit now fo me and mine, n thats the message of this song.  Live Fast Die Young one of my fav beats from last year, so I had to bless it.  Mo inspirational juice cuzzy.

5. The Real- The Real is Back my nigga, but Jeezy aint fuckin with this.  Dont get me wrong, Jeezy that dude, but until he get a REAL release date fo TM103, aint nuthin real about son.  Rick Ross callin him a fuck bwoy as I type this yo.  But ME? Nigga I went HAM.......well thats what niggas tell me.  This on that Cardiak beat "The Realest" he laced fo Red Cafe, just put a Pistol City spin on it.

6. One I Pick- Dont sleep on this track cuh.  Shit is much mo than a girl song.  That 1st verse is one of my favorite verses I ever wrote my nigga.  Smh.  You technical tech fucks needa peep these multis a nigga gave yall, n tell me I aint wreck shit fo deez hoes.

7. Troubles of Our Life- Shit cant be too real all the time.  Niggas needa chill with all that shit.  Dont yall niggas have lives?  Yall dont like to go out n grab some E&J n just chill?  Yall dont like to escape shit?  Well if you wack you prolly answered no, but fuck it I do.  I cant be deep all day, I might end up sittin on some girl chest cuz im in my feelings too much (lulz).  Kick back homie, get yo mind off yo woes.

8. Losers- Jahlil Beats is that nigga.  His beats knock, and thats all I needed fo this shit yo.  I got love fo eerybody, sincerely..........but some of yall are some LOSER ASS NIGGAS.  I dont mean smart niggas, I mean you done ass niggas who hate on eerythang around you cuz you aint doin shit with yo life.  How you hatin from yo mama crib n shit, talmbout well you just stay there, you dont take money from her, you got yo own stacks.  If you REALLY had yo own stacks, you wouldnt give a fuck about what anotha nigga doin, you ass backwards niggas.  And you non rappin ass niggas...yall just fuckin suck.  Fuckin loser cuh.  I aint namin no names cuz im chillin tho.  I cant fade that remote shit b...

9. Whats Whurlin- Based Gomez called me up n told me Based God needed a Pistol City nigga to swag out deez muthafuckin streets for Based BukedaGod n Based Cawb so they can break Based Poh outta gitmo.  Yup.  Thats how this song came to be...

10. Kill The Game- Mo Jahlil Beats shit.  Had to lease it tho, but yall can cop it if yall want to, me n my nigga Steve 0 already Ray J'd this shit. Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause Pause.  Ode to my Young World niggas, Heartless King niggas.  We gon kill shit soon yall. WATCH!

11. Where I Go- Favorite shit on the whole tape by far, my boy Sick Siah laced me with that crack.  I spit my heart out on this shit.  My heart b.  If you dont fuck with the flow, delivery, cadence, whatever nigga.....you gotta fuck with this soulful shit I gave yall tho.  Right?

12. Emotions- Truth be told, I almost pulled this shit cuh.  Was magic when I 1st made it, but I felt I could do better.  Plus it has the worst quality on the tape.  Smh ima nigga fo doin that yo.  But its some mo real emo shit.  Get yo percs ready.

13. Slow Me Down- Some mo inspiration.  Shits the theme of this tape homie.  Dare to dream, fly out yo situation, get yo shit early, and dont let deez loser ass aint shit done ass niggas slow you down.  How else can I explain it???

14. The Rhythm- My nigga Kaspa came thru to let yall hear some of this Pistol City fiyah cuh.  I swore I'd never get on anotha soundclick beat, but this shit spoke to me.  Wrote this the same night I found out some shit about moms b.  Smh Still inspiring tho...

15. From Nothin- JBTV WE UP!!!  Jazz Robinson n ya boy had to link up on this ol Ross shit.  Not much to say except when I wrote my verse, I was also makin eggs on you niggas. Yup, we multi-taskin doggy.  How many niggas you know can make eggs, scrambled of course, and write straight popcorn colored crack at the same time?  Dont even try that shit fam.

16.  What It Sound Like- Pusha T is one of my inspirations, considerin he a VA nigga, and he where I wanna be at.  So when Fear of God dropped and I heard this beat....I had to recruit Sick Siah to help me get that I Still Wanna beat n I went HAM once I got it. This is straight slap yo baby sister's puppy type shit right here yo.

17. Symphony- Once again JBTV...WE UP!  Easily my second favorite track up here.  My boy Dat Nukka aka Champ hit me up n asked me to contribute this song with So Vicious, n gave me the go ahead to put it on the tape.  All 3 of us did our thang, told our own stories, but NUKKA murked that shit.  I really wanted to redo my verse n shit, but Ima let Nukka live on this one.  So smooth, so real, so soulful nigga.

18. Young World: Fuck Da Otha Side- My niggas Elz, Kizzy, n Steve 0 went hard on this shit.  I aint on it, so I put it as a bonus cut.  I always...ALWAYS put on fo any nigga im cool with, thats my word.  My niggas gon get mo shine yo.  Salute!

And thats all cuh.  Just some insight from a nigga from VA feel me?  Pistol City views n shit.  This was just the warm up fo yall niggas tho.  Not only will I have mo future projects comin, but in the meantime, Ima bless yall with deez views from a Pistol City nigga perspective.  All real shit.  Reviews, views on life, me shittin on niggas, whatever yall want.  Just make sure yall support a nigga.  Word of mouth is mighty b, so spread word.  Like, retweet my links, whatever yall niggas do.  Comment too yo.  Ima very active n engagin nigga.  Hit a nigga up on twitter @tokyo757.  And last but not least.....

hit up my JBTV fam on http://www.joebuddentv.com/forums/index.php.  We wild yo.  Aite tho, Ima holla at yall with some mo shit soon.  Whurlin.

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