Thursday, October 6, 2011

*Unsigned* Album Review: L!VE, Diggy- The Early Late Show With L!VE & Diggy

Another review from your boy Sound.  This time I am going to shed some light on unsigned artist L!VE and his partner in crime Diggy, as they delivery the mixtape The Early Late Show.

The Early Late Show is a tape consisting of everything hip hop heads love.  Ol skool beats, scratchy flows, grimey lyrics, shifty and slick wordplay, with a tongue in cheek like wittiness all packaged in a free mixtape.  This duo, though at first glance a strange pairing, seem to really work well together, delivering an array of different tracks.

1st track in, the intro is just a warm up, showing off the lyrical prowess of both rappers and their flows.  Songs like Disrespect really show how devoted they are to their lyrics.  "Make good music, Cyhi."  L!VE really stepped his lyrics up on this tape, in my opinion outshining his partner Diggy in other tracks as well, like the track Short Notice, Dumb Hard, providing great one liners and a good lyrical showing.

Deeper tracks like Still My Girl, Mad At Me Interlude, and Sleep Tight really show the introspective side of both artists, and Diggy tends to sound more comfortable in that lane.  Sleep Tight really steals the show, surprising it would be the last track as I felt that track the most.

Although this tape does a lot of things (showcasing devotion to hard spittin, spirited fun, and a female cut) Sleep Tight is the only track that gives you a real piece of both artists, showing their true potential from an artistry standpoint.  More tracks like this will only help both rappers expand on their music and grow into their own.

All in all, its a pretty short and easy listen.  Nothin sounds awkward or out of sorts.  The tape mostly consists of freestyles, with L!VE stealin the show and Diggy tagging along.  Both rappers do struggle though, and in different scopes.  L!VE has lyrics, its evident.  But his flow doesn't come off as clean as it could, and my main gripe might be his delivery, which really gets stale and fades behind the beat at times.  I have heard him rap before, and although his lyrics are improving at a fast rate, his voice and lack of inflection is really stifling his verses, in a sense that he raps real monotone most of the time.  I know he wants to come across as a "too cool for these niggas" type of emcee, but his flow and delivery will need to improve if he wants anybody to WANT to hear his verses and really have them stick in their head.  Diggy suffers from the complete opposite. His flow is.....okay, and he has really strong delivery that really carries him, like on tracks like A Night Out, Disrespect, and the introspective shit like Sleep Tight.  His lyrics however, are laughable in too many spots.  And I don't mean laughable like he sayin some funny shit, I mean laughable as in "this can't be serious can he? Oh he is? Oh.."  While L!VE really comes strong lyrically, Diggy really rides on cruise control on half of this tape far as rhymes go.  He has some good bars, but he really relies heavily on his delivery and presence, so people may actually feel he stole the show in some regard.  It all depends on what you look for.  But hey, maybe thats why they work as duo.  One got lyrics, one got flow, put them together, and this is what you got. I can't be mad at that.

This tape was an easy listen like I said, but it left me wanting more.  It didn't take me anywhere, tell me anything, or make me feel...anything.  A Night Out was dope, so were some of the freestyles.  On my mixtape, I switched it up and had joints where I was goin ham, joints for the whip, girl joints, and introspective shit too, but I still attempted to take listeners on a path in each song, whether its painting a picture of my woes living in the ghetto, or me whurlin through my hood with my boys, I still take you with me through my words.  Outside of tracks like Mad At Me, Still My Girl, and Sleep Tight, L!VE and Diggy didn't evoke anything out of me.  Even there freestyles were just leaving me wanting more, as both of their flaws really kept me from wanting to dive into their verses.  This tape sounds and feels like a build up tape to something more, and I hope it is.  If its for show and prove purposes, then it really served its purpose as the duo do rap all over this tape.  But I would like to hear them do more.  I don't need a tape all of deep tracks, but just something that will make me WANT to hear it again.  I'ma Boss by Meek Mill is not a deep track what so ever, but because  most listeners can feel Meek through that song and he is able to make them feel a certain type of way, that song easily gets spins in damn near any setting, and it really makes you wanna shout all the lyrics at the top of your lungs in the club like you're a boss.  Not much on this tape that does that for me.  Bright spots here and there though, and the tape shows the promise of this duo.

There is no telling where L!VE or Diggy will end up in their music careers, but if this tape is a sign of things to come...although I hope they do grow more and become much better than this, this is a good place to start and I have no doubt there will grow into their own.  L!VE in my opinion really has a lyrical edge that in the right lane, listeners will love to listen to and quote him for days.  Overall, this tape is pretty cool.  I can see myself listening to this a couple times, but I want more...I need to see something better than this.

But hey what do I know, this is just my opinion.  Ya'll should go download the mixtape and judge for yourself cuh.  Let me know what ya'll think, or even better, let L!VE know himself on twitter @LIVE_Rap and tell him what you think.

Also, be sure to check out his new mixtape comin November 1.  And it looks like L!VE actually does improve in his flow game.
See? Aite though, WHURLIN!

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