Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Come Check This Shit Out With Solo Vol.1

       Okay, so in my little segments my man Sound is so gratefully allowing me to do, we are gonna start off with the "Come Check This Shit Out" series, where I showcase random projects and shed some light on a few unknown artist not everyone may know about. We take a look at the positive, as well as the negative, of and coming hip hop in this day and age.

       Let us start this journey in a place somewhere I really didn't prepare myself for. I, like most stumbled into that disgrace of a fuckin XXL cover, and was sent the cypher where I was re-introduced to an artist named Danny Brown.

       Is Hip-Hop turning into a “who can be the weirdest faggot” contest or am I just going fuckin crazy? Who is this Danny Brown I’m hearing about and why in the hell is his fan base so big? I got people sending me song after song, and I’m gettin sadder and sadder after everyone to the point where I just wanna get drunk or sumthin and forget this shit ever happened. I’m thinkin this is one of them cali rappers, I start makin fun of you soft ass flamboyant westcoast niggas but hold up, this nigga reppin DETROIT, nah bruh, this can’t be the same Detroit I know about. So I chose to review his most recent project "XXX" for you all to know my pain and have to go through the same mind fuck as me. So I listen, and I hear one song where he stands out, and it shows he can fuckin spit, but he willingly decides to act like a faggot, to I guess, capture people’s attention, but fuck all that nonsense, that gimmick shit is corny. Aight I ranted long enough about this shit lets get to the mixtape.

I introduce you to Danny Browns project entitled "XXX"
Click HERE for a stream.

XXXSo this first song starts, and the beat is cold. The voice catches me off guard though, and immediately I feel like that dyke nigga lil boosie just dropped some new music. This Danny dude kinda flowin though so I let it ride. He spits a few memorable punches and yeah his voice keeps your attention, which I understand is why he does it, but its so fuckin corny. I’m a give it a 2/5 only because he spit some real shit if you can bear his voice.

Die Like A Rockstar Idk what I’m supposed to say when I listen to this fuckin nonsense. Listen to this bullshit and feel like youre stuck in a bad mushroom trip surrounded by a bunch of dirty whitekids with no shirts on. I’m a go ahead and skip this shit tho 0/5.

Pac Blood All of a sudden this Danny Brown character decided to rap with his real voice I assume. It’s not horrible ya know, it shows he knows how to spit, and just proves my whole “acting like a faggot on purpose” theory and whatever hope I had for this nigga was lost track one. 1/5.

Radio SongThis is a clever lil bullshit ass track. Mocking mainstream music and how everybody who cares about sales, and shits on people who say you wont make it without some radio songs under your belt. I understand the concept but FUCK DANNY WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH A FUCKIN WERIDO. Clever hook, blah blah fuckin blah 1/5.

Lie4Only listen to this track if you have absolutely nothing us to do, shit even if you do have free time, you might wanna skip this annoying bullshit anyways, I’m getting angry even still talkin about this bullshit 0/5.

I WillDanny talks about the dirty pussy he eats and how he never bathes and some other stupid shit. I bet all this niggas baby mamas live in the same trailer park. 0/5

Bruiser BrigadeTop 5 most annoying songs I have ever heard. Think this is Danny’s attempt at a tough kinda track, but it just makes you feel awkward like you talkin to the boyfriend of the bitch you just got ya dick sucked by 15mins ago. I guess these niggas just havin fun, but im fallin asleep so lets move on 0/5.

Detroit 187Worst muthafuckin representation of Detroit I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, somebody get this junkie the fuck outta here. 0/5

Monopoly Is this what I think it is? A Decent song by this butch ass lesbian nigga? Even with his high pitched ass voice, he kinda kills this whole track, I fuck with it. Flow on point throughout, and lyrics were pretty witty. 3/5

Blunt After BluntThis is THE BEST FUCKIN TRACK ON THE MIXTAPE HANDS DOWN. Might be top 5 tracks of the year alone. At first I’m like who the fuck did this faggot nigga Danny get to feature, but then I realize something. This is fuckin Danny Brown. My mind is blown and I don’t know whether to like it or shoot myself in the face. Awesome song 5/5 easily. I’ll even post this track for yall to hear.

Outer Space Another weird ass acid trip, few witty lines, but after that blunt after blunt track, I don’t wanna hear shit else. 1/5.

Adderral Admiral This shit picks back up here, with a nice lil flow, but still not for me. Nigga spittin about fuckin Kyla Pratt and some other shit. He can rhyme, I swear on everything he can rhyme, but he’d rather “stand out.” 2/5

DNAOh shit, looks like Danny decided to give us not ONE, but TWO dope songs, isn’t he just so fuckin generous. This track explains how getting fucked up runs in his family, with a very smooth feel to it. More proof that Danny willingly chooses to be a faggot, why NIGGA WHY? Dope song tho 4/5.

NosebleedsWould be one of my favorite tracks, but I don’t relate to coked out bitches that get nosebleeds. Very admirable story telling attempt by Danny. Makes it easy to visualize what white bitches go through in such a short time period, this song is only a little over a minute long. 3/5.

Party All The Time I guess this nigga got tired of using that annoying ass voice just as bad as I got fuckin tired of hearing it. Another concept track about bitches who party too much and it catches up with em. Danny shows his ability to chill and just speak to his audience, decent track. 3/5.

EWNESW This niggas throat must hurt from sounding like simon and the chipmunks for majority of this mixtape, because he hits us with another tolerable track. Danny just spits about different locations in the Detroit area, and speaks a little on how he grew up, very good vibe to it. 4/5.

FieldsOkay so maybe the whole mixtape aint trash. That nigga Danny Brown shows his ability to rap, and he’s not that bad at it either. Not a super dope track, but better than a lot of other tracks on here. Danny just goes on talkin about how he grew up etc. 3/5.

Scrap or DieThis track is kinda dope, but the concept fucks me up. This shits about some niggas plottin to steal some scrap from an abandon house. When I was locked up, there were like 5 junkies in my cell for doing the exact same shit, and these niggas was cracked out for real. Aight so in the song these niggas end up getting caught, decent attempt at tellin a story, but I was raised to never trust these junkie niggas out here. 3/5.

30This nigga Danny Brown better not really be 30 years old, nah bruh I aint about to believe that shit. This mixtape is nuthin but a midlife crisis recorded for all of us to hear, I think I figured it out yall. Regardless of how old this cracked out nigga is, this track is kinda dope, nice outro, makes me not hate his guts more than I already do. 3/5.

Overall: 2/5

I’m a post a link for you folks to form your own opinion, don’t let me tell you how to feel about these wack niggas. Danny brown shows potential, but you can’t prosper off potential at 30 nigga. I guess this is some dope trip music if you like to take cold showers and do ecstasy alone in your room. “Blunt after Blunt” will forever be my shit though, make sure yall check out that track here after the jump. Appreciate everybody who takes time to read these shits, and tell me what you think about this nigga Danny Brown.

       So I'm conversing with this gentleman the other day about Kendrick Lamar, and he seems like a huge fan, could name all the tracks on Section 80. Thinking he knew shit shit, I brought up Black Hippy. Do you know what this fuckin hipster asked me? He said who the hell is Black Hippy...

       What the fuck do you mean who’s Black Hippy? Black Hippy might be the most complete and well put together group of artist in the rap game today. Before Kendrick blows up and tries to outshine the rest of these niggas, I gotta put you on if you still sleep. The group of rappers known as Black Hippy consist of Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock, and Schoolboy Q. This aint a bio of these niggas, I aint tellin you their government names and shit. I personally feel like Kendrick is the most overrated member, this coming from a fan. His whole “Dr. Dre affiliation” made his buzz bigger than it deserves to be. I feel the only reason Kendrick is hyped up more than anyone in the group is because he has more material, that’s it, skill wise, and as far as being appealing to a wide audience, he just aint got it. That boring ass nigga Kendrick needs to just play his part when its all said and done. That Jay Rock nigga kinda suck too, but he prolly got good weed connects. He’s signed to Strange Music which is that wack nigga Tech 9’s label. I really can’t fuck wit you if you signed to the worst rapper alive since Tupac died.
       The good thing about Black Hippy is that while you do have useless niggas like Kendrick Lamar and Jay Rock, you have two other artist that compliment them perfectly, and can lift Black Hippy to the next level. Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q are the best all-around artist in Black Hippy if I had to pick. They both offer you different aspects of music and in my opinion, (the only one that fuckin counts) they paint a more vivid picture of their music. Both With Ab-Soul having three projects out, and Schoolboy Q only having two, I can understand you being so ignorant as to not knowing who the fuck these niggas are. I won’t make this long and shit, I’m just gonna ask you fuckin hipsters to jump off kendricks dick just for a second please and give Schoolboy Q and especially Ab-Soul’s discography a good listen. Ab-Soul to me is the best rapper in Black Hippy hands down. The fact that people can still sleep on this nigga is fuckin beyond me, and makes me question how a lot of you niggas were raised. With Ab-Soul not dropping a project since last year and Schoolboy just recently dropping “Habits n Contradictions” it only means Soul is up next and to be on the lookout for his next project dropping soon.
       This aint really come out how I thought, shit turned into an Ab-Soul highlight but fuck it, it is what it is. I’ll go ahead and post a link to one of Schoolboy Q's most known tracks and Ab-Souls most recent track just because I’m a nice guy. Black Hippy has all the tools to make it in todays rap scene, FUCK XLL for not having schoolboy q or Ab-Soul on the cover, but who the fuck reads that shitty magazine anway. Hit me up with artist you think are getting slept on, no more keepin quiet, that shits for the birds.

       Aight everybody calm down and relax so we can get this shit over with. What I’m about to do, is introduce a fairly unknown rapper that I personally feel is dope and more genuine than the bullshit I hear everywhere around me (Yeah, im talkin about you wale). This mixtape is not a solo project, instead it’s a group effort entitled “The Superfriends.” Yeah I know, sounds corny as fuck and why would anyone in their right mind wanna listen to some shit like that? That’s the same shit I was thinking when I got this in my email, yo I must have been bored as shit seriously, don’t know why I even hit play on this shit, but for some reason I did and that’s when my life changed people. How can I say this, because I don’t really think these guys are a group, but you know how them A$AP and OF niggas have only like 2 decent rappers and the rest of them corny? Well it’s kinda like that but to me only one person stands out, and its some guy named Wally West, from my city as a matter of fact, but I have no connections with this nigga so don’t think I’m bias, just listen for yourself, now how about we get into this fuckin mixtape.

May want to listen to this while I review it, just a heads up, click HERE to stream the mixtape

SuperfriendsSo I’m listening to this first song, and I’m bored outta my fuckin mind, but for some reason I keep going, I get through the first verse without smackin the shit outta the nearest nigga wearin a durag. The second verse might have been even harder to get through, I usually rewind, so now we get to this nigga Wally who has the last verse. This nigga sounds kinda weird so his voice caught me off guard, BUT HE STARTS SPITTIN, niggas flow is crisp as fuck, delivery on point, and the outro to this song going into the intro of track 2 was one of the dopest transitions I’ve ever fuckin heard. Since you have to fast forward through two verses I’m going to have to give this track 3/5.

ROTN Don’t ask me what it means bruh I have no fuckin clue, but just listen to the song. This song is all Wally and shows his ability to just go in, from beginning to the fuckin end of the track, couldn’t help but harlem shake for 3 minutes straight. I give it a 4/5 only because I cant have you thinkin you too dope bruh.

Imma Boss Aight this tape dropped late last year or early this year so this dropped before this beat got super fuckin corny. Wally starts this track out showing his ability to keep a witty rhyme scheme and dope flow regardless of what beat he’s on. And look people, don’t let me form your opinion about these other cats, they just not for me, but feel free to enjoy their verses as well, I personally hit that rewind on them niggas quick as fuck. Gotta give this a 3/5 because Wally should have killed that whole beat like a real nigga.

Splate (Snippet)Aye bruh this shit caught me off guard, thought I left a porno on nigga, I thought I was trippin, but the way the sample was flipped was dope as fuck, good beat selction. This is another solo Wally joint, not the full track I assume, but again this nigga seems comfortable as fuck behind the mic and just has fun on the track. Gonna give this a 4/5 because snippets are for faggots.

SpazzmaniaYo by this time I’m tired of hitting rewind on these sidekick ass niggas, but I GOTTA hear what this nigga Wally bout to spit. Luckily the first verse ended before any lives were lost, and this guy Wally West FUCKIN SPAZZES fam, like damn, when the fuck you bout to spit a wack verse nigga I’m waitin to shit on you but you aint given me a chance. The third verse comes on and this nigga is cool but whatever ya know. This gets 3/5, Wally has the ability to make every track he’s on listenable.

Spazz out Only up-north niggas would use the word spazz in two songs and put em right after each other. This beat is dope as fuck tho, kinda beat anybody can sound dope on, except for whoever is on this first verse, nigga sound like childish Gambino and plies. Wally come in fuckin flowin the second verse, DAMN DO YOU HEAR THIS SHIT?! It just might be me and all this weed I smoke, but this is hip hop in the purest form in my eyes. The third verse is some local cat named B.east who’s suppose to be dope, but I aint feelin the nigga. Gonna give this a 4/5, Wally spit what I think was his best verse on the tape.

Dirty Sprite Not a fan of whoever is spittin this first verse, but again Wally makes you wanna sit and listen to the whole track, so I wake up from a 2min nap right when Wally is about to rap, and I hear they chopped and screwed his verse, and this shit sounds SO DOPE. Absolutely fuckin murders everything about this song. By this verse alone I’m a believer fam, aint shit you can tell me. This gets 4/5 because it was executed so well.

Headline I personally hate this beat, but the hate for whoever was rapping the first verse overwhelmed that hate and I forgot where I was for a second. This track you gotta wait until the 3rd verse, but trust me when I say it’s well worth it. I truthfully enjoy every verse this nigga spits, something I can’t say about a lot of artist. Gonna give this a 2/5 for making me wait until the 3rd verse to hear some dope shit, fuck wrong with yall.

Flashin Lights (Snippet)This beat just starts off so dope, whoever picked out these beats gets some props as well, well done you unknown muthafucka. We get to hear Wally start the first verse off in this track and he once again kicks his feet up and just floats on this fuckin beat. Some other nigga spits the second verse and it’s not horrible, but this nigga too simple, sound like he wrote his verse with a white crayon. Lets give this a 4/5 just because I feel obligated to keep rating these shits.

LectureOh shit another solo Wally joint, good timing. I think this is that ransom beat, not a bad choice. Not one bad thing I can say about this shit, not at all. The way he switches up his flow is some other shit, I don’t see many niggas keepin up with Wally on a track. I’m givin this a 5/5 because wont none of you niggas do nuthin about it.

CrazyBy this time, I’m like “yeah he’s dope, but does he spit about anything else?” thinking like a fuckin hipster, fuck I swear I hate people and their faggot opinions. I get caught off guard and Wally shows his ability to adapt to any mood a song is trying to convey. I really enjoyed how he speaks on negative situations without having to glorify them. Again the flow is very enjoyable, and his rhyme scheme is top fuckin notch. I kinda wish he had more songs like this on the mixtape, but it is a “mixtape,” so I cant be getting all picky and shit. Yo B.east if you read this, I don’t think you can rap nigga, but other people do, and I prolly wouldn’t get along with none of them niggas they have horrible taste in music. 4/5 for this song.

Pocahantas Vs RihannaThe title reminds me of a wack ass Charles Hamilton song, somebody get on twitter and tell that nigga I think he’s a faggot. Yo, but this beat starts and I’m thinkin how dare I think any of this mixtape was dope. I’m second guessing every decision I’ve ever made in my life, but here Wally comes to save the day. He starts off by letting niggas know he can spit on any beat, and he proves it, fuckin ridiculous, who cares about who else is on the song 4/5.

Overall: 4/5

       If you managed to make your way through this entire review your attention span is far greater than mine, but I thank you, and click HERE to follow Wally West on twitter if you liked what you heard. Shout out to my boy AD for sendin me this mixtape, good ear fam. Oh and guys, this is only the beginning, this aint the last youre gonna hear from Solo. I’m here to stay, so pay homage and expand your fuckin mind people. Read my shit or don’t, I still think your favorite rapper fuckin sucks.


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  6. For you lazy fucks out there, not every blog post is gonna be album reviews, look at this as 3 in one, just my introduction, just sit back, stay tuned, and tell a friend.

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  11. He never even uttered the words that K. Dot is overrated. Kendrick gets the respect that he deserves, when he needs it. Everyone knows that all of Black Hippy is just a group guys that make great music. Solo is just voicing his opinion.