Tuesday, March 27, 2012

That Shit Aint Whurlin Cuh: The "Aint Shit Bitch" Edition

I consider myself a very unlucky individual. Things in my life don't go my way most of the time, and I usually have to fight for everything I want to have or do in my life. However, there are rare instances where ya boy gets his luck on, one of which being meeting my girl. She is everything a nigga need, and when asked why did I get married so young, I tell people its because all the little things she do, and also...because she has her priorities straight.

This is what it all comes down to.....PRIORITIES. You ever met a woman with priorities? She is truly a blessing. I'm ol' fashion, so I like my woman bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen making a sammich, thats my idea of a woman with her priorities straight. For others, its just a woman who has her own money, pays her own bills, has her own responsibilities, and takes care of herself and those around her. My girl goes to school getting her degree in Woman Studies AND Sociology, she works full time, she has her own whip, she pays her half of the rent, pays her own phone bill, stays outta my phone at all times, and she COOKS and CLEANS MY HOUSE WITHOUT ME BEGGING. Not to mention, she let a nigga cut. I'm not posting my wife's pic up here due to me not wanting her to spazz, but this is what a woman who is on top look's like...

Yo, she well put together, bare foot, washing dishes, prolly finna ride a nigga after she done, and THEN make him a sammich.  I do not know who this woman is, but I applaud her and women like her who are about something.  Which leads me to the women I can't stand....

I mean.......might be a lil extreme, but these are all real women people.  I don't like to disrespect females, as they are the foundation of our community.  But if a girl not gon respect herself, I have a hard time respecting her.  Far as I'm concerned, we living in the age of the "Aint Shit Bitch."

The "Aint Shit Bitch" can normally be found doing absolutely nothing of significance with her life.  This includes: wasting away her days on twitter, posting countless pics on instagram of herself....doing NOTHING (preferably in front of the sink), smokin that loud pack, fuckin a nigga, smokin that loud pack, "havin her own", drinkin ciroc, listening to Rhianna, smokin that loud pack, and eatin chipotle.  This bothers me folks.....

First off, I'm sorry but I can't deal with a woman who smokes.

I'm not knockin you dudes that do, but I would like to think as a woman, you would have a lil more class yo.  Times have changed dramatically, to where it is not only acceptable for women to smoke weed but its viewed as "sexy" now too.  Its not enough to be a bad bitch any more, now you gotta face one.  My problem is, the dudes I know that smoke weed EVERYDAY usually have nothing going for themselves and are stuck in a cycle of taking 2 good steps forward in life, and then 4 steps back because of weed.  Rappers are the only people I know who can excel while being high all the time.  Well niggas aint rappers outchea like that, and women are no different.  In fact, given the responsibilities and challenges that comes along with being a woman, I do not understand why a girl would feel the need to invite this cloud over her life.  I'm not against smoking, but people have no sense of moderation, and more and more women are losing themselves to weed and other drugs.  Even more common, is the binge drinkin...

So, this is a good look ladies?  A wild night of fun....really worth makin a fool out of yourself?  This is how yo aint shit ass becomes famous on twitter.  Do I have to reintroduce you to El Patron Shit Girl??

Just in case you missed it, thats SHIT comin out her ass.  Why you in the club with yo stomach on mudbutt mode?  Why are you not carrying yourself like a lady?  If you wanna party thats fine, but why literally show yo ass tho? smh You know what happens to girls who pass out at parties?....

The partyin and gettin high is one thing, another problem I have, my personal biggest problem, is......why you not cookin a nigga food?  What I mean by that is...women are starting to become so vain, so into themselves with twitter and instagram, that they are not keeping their homes clean and not feedin niggas.

I have no problem with instagram, but why don't you use it in moderation?  Why you need to post pic after pic of yo aint shit ass doing NOTHING, when you could be cleanin your bathroom or studyin or SOMETHING.  And if you gon be an "Aint Shit Bitch" at least look good cuh.  Only thing worst than an "Aint Shit Bitch" is a "Fat Aint Shit Bitch."

Man forget that, look at this aint shit bitch...

I try not to cuss so much on my posts here, I try to be as professional as I can.  But I had to throw that out the window for this edition of That Shit Aint Whurlin Cuh.  I love women.  I may be married, but I will always appreciate a woman who has her things in order, knows how to have fun while still conducting herself like a woman, and knows how to prioritize.  Men do not marry the girl they roll one up with.  Men do not respect the girl who is stumblin around at the party spittin on everyone and actin ridiculous.  Men do not wife up the woman who would rather buy chipotle everyday than to make him a nice home cooked meal.  Men do not fall in love with women who talk like this on twitter....

OMG!! diz bxsh ant gon keep fxccin wit mi. sumbodi tel dat bxsh im da wron 1

Thats a real tweet cuh.  I'm just sayin, as men..we are naturally wild and rambunctious.  Yes we are providers, but we are also wild ass niggas.  We need strong stable women to keep us grounded.  Behind every song man is a strong woman.  When a woman aint bout her shit, its her and our society as a whole.  We don't need women actin and thinkin like men, we need women holdin us down and stayin strong.  A bitch who lives life to post pics on instagram, smoke hookah every night at some bar or whatever, followin every trend that pops up, and kill her liver night after night, aint whurlin cuh.  Young women are lost these days, even powder puff Drake knows it.  However, I am just one man.....I am outnumbered by millions of "Aint Shit Bitches."  I need YOUR help.  If you see a young woman who you even THINK aint shit....tell her!  That aint  whurlin cuh.  Get these women together.

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  1. These bitches nasty bruh

  2. Solo degrades women better than you do.

    1. I know, had to get mine out the way before he REALLY ruins these hoes lives cuh

  3. Bitches really do need to step their being barefoot in the kitchen game up

  4. Rob, you pay for sex. Shut up.

  5. Rob be payin for hoes,That not whirlin at all

  6. Don't you dare judge me

  7. Get your Dick wet rob, I ain't even mad

  8. Personally, I'd much rather fuck with the chicks who spark a lil tree every now and then much more so than the ones who get blackout drunk every weekend